DGTL LIB 2021 Pull-Tab Artwork

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Original (Glows under UV light)

Product details
Backboard description: Custom wood frame
Image dimensions: 22.5"w x 21"h
Border dimensions: 27"w x 25.5"

Cost: $950
DGTL LIB 2021 Pull-tab Artwork 2
Prints (Doesn't glow under UV light)
Canvas description: Canvas replica stretched over wood frame with printed black

Prints (Doesn't glow under UV light)
Image dimensions

  • Actual: 24"w x 22"h
  • Medium: 18"x16.5"
  • Mini: 12" x 11"

Cost for Prints:

  • Actual: $192
  • Medium: $144
  • Mini: $96

Shipping & Handling
Purchases include frame (ready to hang) and free shipping
Product will ship 2 weeks after the end of the event (time needed for framing
& sealing)

Artist Information:

Matthew Krause
Instagram: @mk.designs.inc